What’s TheFacesOfDepression.org?

I created this website after a “rough” weekend  I thought I would like to see what I looked like from the outside since I was well aware what I felt like on the inside.  It wasn’t pretty to say the least.  However, I did find it somewhat cathartic.

I thought others that suffer from depression and anxiety might be interested in doing it as well.  I put out the call!  Emails, FaceBook, Twitter ,and even phone calls.

I got some friends to join in and “come out” to the world and let them know that they also suffer, and there is no reason to attach a stigma to them since they already had a relationship and that didn’t have to change.

I mean, think about it.  If a friend finds out something new about you (barring illegal activity), they have to know that you are still the same person they know an love.   So it doesn’t make sense to attach that stigma.

I thought, “How could I get that message to the rest of the world?”   So, I started the website TheFacesOfDepression.org.  It serves as an inspirational site, and community building site, and an educational site.

I want everyone to know that we; those that suffer, are normal everyday people.  But, because of the stigmas attached to depression and anxiety, most of us put on our “Face” to show the world so we can hide it in shame.

The big message is, “I am not my depression.  I am Lee Vann, a person that happens to have to manage depression like any pother disorder.”


2 thoughts on “What’s TheFacesOfDepression.org?

  1. Kathi Geren Hahn

    Since people can’t see depression in the way they can see a broken leg, they’re not always sympathetic or understanding. Your Faces of Depression will help people learn and accept that everything that is a struggle isn’t always visible. Great idea, and good work!



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