Weekend thoughts…

I love reading others’ posts.  Not only just the ones that pertain to depression, but to be able to hear (well,,, read) what’s on other people minds just seems so cool to me.

One post today (from My Travels With Depression on WordPress) made me think of my journey with depression and anxiety.  I can remember having depressive and anxious thoughts and problems going  back to my childhood.  Of course, I didn’t know what it was at the time.  For the longest time, I thought that depression was the major player and anxiety was only a part or a result.  Lately, I’m becoming aware, or suspicious, that anxiety plays a much bigger role, if not the leading role.

I’m writing some speeches for my project TheFacesOfDepression.org,  Because of my previous career being in operations management, I learned that one of the best methods about leadership and communication was that people learn more from stories than any other method of teaching.  Just think of those History Channel shows that make you realize what your history teacher was trying to say, but sadly said so blandly and uninterestingly.  So I am using stories as much as possible in my speeches.  That combined with my charismatic, outgoing, attention grabbing personality…NOT !!!!

The more stories I thought of throughout my life, the more I realize how anxiety was in the front seat and depression was following in the car behind, just waiting to pounce after anxiety did it’s damage and left me at the scene of the crash.

This is my thought for the day.  I have known for a while that depression and anxiety were close “cousins”, but I now realize which family I am in, and which family is more tangential in my life.    One that has been brewing for a couple of years now.  My therapist will be happy to hear that I have self-diagnosed myself and alleviated her of her needed work….:-/  Actually, she will probably shake her head and smile, and wonder if this means that I will be sending her even more articles to read between our chit chats.  I totally know she read and is interested in all of them……


3 thoughts on “Weekend thoughts…

  1. Cat

    Thank you for the mention and it’s so nice to know my posts played a little part in your journey. I have a similar experience… I didn’t realise I was an anxious person until fairly recently. I had been so engrossed in the immediate depression, I wasn’t aware of much else.;-)


      1. Cat

        I’m not sure if it is a misdiagnosis or maybe it just goes hand in hand with depression. When we’re depressed, our confidence and esteem is at an all time low and that is bound to create anxiety. It might be worth talking to your prescriber about a more appropriate med for anxiety. Certain antidepressants tend to make my anxiety worse, but there are other things available other than AD’s


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