In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.”


This is a quick iPhone pic of this year’s Vision Board. that I shot a few days ago  Sorry for the quality of the image.  It was never meant to be seen in public….

My wife and I make visions board after the first of the each year.  We compose them using tear-outs of magazines that have piled up throughout the year. Usually vision boards represent what you want to happen in the coming year, and it’s supposed to help guide you toward those goals all year long.  This year’s board was very different.

I wasn’t going for a Picasso look, but it did kind of turn out with a similar feel.  Instead of only showing my hopes and wishes for the coming year, it ended up also reflecting this past year’s mental beatings.

Believe it or not, there is a semblance of organization to it.  It’s composed of three parts.  The middle oval is a portrait. The body is the woman with overalls on, and her head is assembled using various parts from different people, using men’s, as well as women’s features. There are two statements I wanted to convey with that.  First, I want to shoot more portraiture in the coming year.  I usually do landscape (which is still my first love). The second reflects the confusion of the past year and the feelings of being torn in different directions.

There are two parts that make up the edges.  Some of the outer ring is simply textures that I like.  That represents my frame. The rest of the space around the edge is where I reflected on how I feel this past year treated me.  I feel very banged up and bruised as 2014 makes its exit.  It was a rough and confusing year that am very glad is gone.

I’ll reflect on this all year long, hoping its magical powers show me a path through the maze.  My hope is that I do more artistic portraiture work and get better with my lighting skills.  Lighting is such and art on its own.  The subtleties of how it falls on a person’s face and body is really remarkable when you sit and study an ad or any photo and really see how the light reveals each part of a person’s skin.  Sometimes it has harsh beginnings and endings, yet other times it seems to gently wrap around the small features that make our bodies unique and make them pop with depth and richness.  I will leave the fashion to someone else.  If you could see how I dress most of the time, you would see that fashion doesn’t hold a priority in my life.

Lastly, the board will serve a reminder that past year has exited, never to return.  Instead of letting the memories live in my head, whisper in my ear, and drag me down for the coming year, I plucked them out (even though they went kicking and screaming), and I glued them on this board so they are never to escape.  They will be held here in perpetuity.  Which, I  must say, is a light sentence for the crimes they have committed. Lee


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